The Broken Pot

This blog post is a story that’s taken from my book Golden Nuggets, and it’s a great reminder that everyone has value, regardless of their flaws.

It goes like this…

A water bearer in India had a pot attached to each end of a pole.

Every day, he’d sling the pole over his shoulders and carry water from the stream to his master’s house.

One of the pots was perfect, but the other one was cracked and as a result, it leaked water.

One day the cracked pot spoke to the water bearer about its shame and apologized for dripping water while the other pot never lost a drop.

The water bearer replied, “Yes, it’s true that you’re cracked and that you don’t carry water as well as the other pot, but you have an ability that the other pot doesn’t have.

Did you notice that the flowers are only on your side of the path?

This is because I’ve always known about your flaw, and I turned it into an advantage.

You see, I planted flower seeds on your side of the path and every day, as we’d walk back from the stream, you watered those flowers.”