This blog post is taken from my book Golden Nuggets, and it’s the story of a fox and a cat.

It goes like this…

Once upon a time, a fox was boasting to a cat about how sly he was.

The fox said, “I’ve got all kinds of tricks and whenever I hear the dogs coming, I know a hundred different ways to escape.”

The cat was impressed and replied, “That’s amazing! The only way that I have to escape is to climb up a tree. I know that it’s not as exciting as all of your ways, but it works for me. Maybe someday you could show me some of the different ways that you can escape.”

The fox, who was pretty proud of himself, said, “One of these days, IF I have the time, I’d be glad to show you a trick or two.”

And just as the fox finished speaking, they heard a pack of hounds approaching.

The cat shrieked, “There’re coming this way!” And he immediately scampered up a tree, and disappeared from sight.

The fox stood there trying to decide which of his many tricks to use – and paralyzed with indecision, the fox waited too long before making his move, and the hounds got him.