Forty Years

This blog post is taken from my Seminar Notes, and I’d like to start off by stating that when Moses was 40 years old, he felt like he was ready to lead the children of Israel out of slavery.

However, the Israelites weren’t ready to leave the comforts of Egypt and God still needed to work in Moses’ life.

So God led Moses out of Egypt, where he spent the next 40 years as a shepherd in a desert.

During that time, God made life so difficult for the Israelites that they were finally willing to leave Egypt… and He also worked to refine Moses’ character.

The number 40 is mentioned 146 times in Scripture, (it generally symbolizes a period of testing and trials), and as I’m writing these words, the business that I started 39 years ago is winding down and I’m about to enter a new phase of life.

During the last 40 years, I’ve experience great success combined with extreme testing and trials.

I’ve learned many lessons – both in terms of what to do, and what to not do – and these lessons not only include how to run a business, but they also include things like how to take care of my health, my marriage, my family, and just about every other facet of life.

I believe that the last 40 years has simply prepared me to lead God’s people more effectively than I otherwise would’ve been able – and I’m looking forward to seeing what God does through my Seminars and the book that I hope to have published.