Wealth and Finances

Wealth and Finances

Rich people have 24 hours per day – but so do poor people –

so in the United States, why are some people rich while others are poor?

For the most part, it’s how they view time and money –

and it’s how they spend their time and their money.

T. Harv Ecker basically says that when

it comes to money – part of the reason that you “think the way

you do” is because of what you saw others do as you were growing up.

For example – Did one or both of your parents

(or guardians) manage their money well or did they mismanage it?

Did they spend all of their money or did they save some of it?

Were they good when it came to investing money,

or were they type of people who didn’t invest any money.

When it comes to money, did they take risks or were they conservative? 

Was money consistently there

when it was needed or was the flow more sporadic? 

Did money come easily to your family, or was it always a struggle? 

Was money a source of joy in

your household or was it the cause of bitter arguments? 

The answers to these questions might give

you insight as to why you “think” the way you do when

it comes to money, finances, wealth, and even success.

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