The Donkey’s Load

This blog post is a story that’s taken from my book Golden Nuggets, and it’s a great reminder that it’s important to reach out and help others.

It goes like this…

Once upon a time, a man owned a horse and a donkey.

The man would usually load the donkey so heavily that the poor creature could barely stand, while the horse usually had only a small load.

One day, the donkey said to the horse, “Friend, the load I’m carrying today is too much for me to bear, and I don’t think I can carry it much longer, would you please help me?”

The horse, content with his own workload, ignored the donkey’s request and didn’t even reply.

It wasn’t long before the donkey collapsed and died.

The master then placed on the horse’s back, the donkey’s load plus the dead donkey.

As the horse trudged down the road, he groaned, “It serves me right for not helping out earlier, for now I’ve got to carry the donkey’s load plus the weight of my dead companion.”