Teamwork – Golden Nugget #235


Reggie Jackson was a great baseball player – He’s a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, and in one game, he stole second base without having been given the sign to do so by his manager.

You see, Jackson was fast and he knew the pitcher and catcher against whom he was playing so well that he could judge whether or not he could make it safely to second base.

Later, his manager, Earl Weaver took Jackson aside and explained that he didn’t want him to steal second base because the next batter was Lee May, who was a powerful hitter.

With first base open and the chance of May hitting into a double play was now gone, and the opposing pitcher decided to intentionally walk May.

That brought up the next player in the batting order, a man who had a poor record against that particular pitcher.

Weaver then had to send in a pinch hitter to try to get Jackson and May around the bases to score.

This meant that Weaver wouldn’t have that pinch hitter available later in the game if he needed him.

In other words, when Jackson stole second base, he hurt the team, because he had his own achievement in mind and he thinking about how his decision would affect the rest of the team.

This is a great reminder that good team players are always more concerned with accomplishing the goal of the team than they are with trying to accomplish their own personal goals.

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