Anxiety and Stress

December 16, 2016
  “Do you think that successful people have as much anxiety and stress as people who are not successful?” And the answer is, “Absolutely! And […]

3 Steps to a Better Negotiation

December 14, 2016
  When you’re attempting to buy something and the price isn’t fixed, here are three steps you can take that will generally result in a […]

The Art of Delegation

December 13, 2016
You can delegate authority, but ultimately, you cannot delegate responsibility. This is probably one of the reasons why people are slow to delegate. Sometimes, it’s […]

Living a Balanced Life

December 12, 2016
  One of the things that’s made a big impact on my life is Proverbs 11 verse 1. It says, “A false balance is an […]

Some Good Advice!

December 8, 2016
  The idea for this Golden Nugget came from some notes that a co-worker, named Wheng, shared with me. And she said, “Take a 10 […]

It Takes a Team

December 7, 2016
  If you’re ever going to accomplish anything really big with your life, then you’re going to need a support system – you’re going to […]

Training Your Replacement

December 5, 2016
  William (Gus) Pagonis served in the US Army for 29 years, and he achieved the rank of Lieutenant General (that’s is a 3-star General) […]

Dream Killer

December 2, 2016
David had volunteered to fight Goliath, and once Saul finally agreed to let David fight him, Saul does something that’s almost comical. Saul gave David […]