Wealth and Finances

December 30, 2016
Wealth and Finances Rich people have 24 hours per day – but so do poor people – so in the United States, why are some […]

Time Management

December 29, 2016
  There are only four things that you can do with your time. You can invest it, you can spend it, you can waste it, […]

Lets Talk About Success

December 28, 2016
  To some degree, the level of success that you reach will be determined by your habits. There are 2 kinds of habits. There are […]


December 27, 2016
  Good Communication begins with Good Listening. Make sure to look people straight in the eyes when they’re talking and do your best to give […]

Setting Goals

December 26, 2016
  Let’s talk about Goals. I was playing Basketball with a guy who was really good at dribbling. Nobody could get the ball away from […]

Good Nutrition for a Better Life

December 23, 2016
           The topic for this Golden Nugget is Vitamins and Supplements… and I’m gonna start out by letting you know that I’m somewhat […]

Respond Don’t React

December 22, 2016
    Respond, Don’t React. Now if you happen to think that react and respond sound like the same thing, please allow me to share […]

Choose Your Companions Wisely

December 21, 2016
When Goliath went out to fight David, he had a shield bearer. This was a guy whose job was to help Goliath carry his weapons, […]