Setting Goals – Golden Nugget #240

It can be difficult to set goals…but it can be even more difficult to actually accomplish them. 

It’s been said that you’ve gotta pay the price if you want to achieve your goals… but the truth is, you enjoy the benefits.

You pay the price when you don’t set any goals.

Now that was important, so I hope you didn’t miss the fact that you pay the price when you don’t set any goals.

Setting goals – both personal and professional will provide purpose and direction for your life.

The discipline that you learn and the character that you build from setting and accomplishing goals is quite often more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself – so learn to enjoy the process.

And by the way, Bill Hybels says that a vision, a goal, or a dream is the most difficult to pursue during the middle part of the journey.

This is because people get excited at the beginning of a journey and they get excited when they can “See the Finish Line” but the middle part of the journey – well, that’s when it’s the most difficult.

So set goals, work on achieving them, and persevere through the middle part of the journey – because this is what winners do, and you are a winner!

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