Real Power

This blog post is taken from my Seminar Notes, and I want to talk about Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892).

He was the pastor of the London Metropolitan Tabernacle and through his ministry the Lord ignited a revival.

Thousands came to Christ through his preaching, and there were times when the worship services at the Tabernacle drew as many as 10,000 people.

Spurgeon had a humble attitude about his ministry and he never took credit for the fruit.

During one hot Sunday in July, five college students visited London to hear him preach.

They arrived early and were met by a kind gentleman who offered to give them a tour.

At one point he asked them if they’d like to see the boiler room in the basement.

Since it was hot, the students weren’t really interested, but they didn’t want to appear rude, so they consented.

Their guide quietly opened the door and there in the basement of the Metropolitan Tabernacle were 700 people fervently praying for the service that was about to begin.

It was then that their guide introduced himself.

He was Charles Spurgeon… and he wanted these college students to understand that prayer was the power source of his ministry.

This a good reminder to me that until we learn to fervently pray, our churches will continue to be filled with powerless, lukewarm Christians and unconverted souls who don’t recognize their need for a Savior.