Positive Affirmations – Set #09


My faith comes from hearing God’s Word.

God’s Spirit in me is greater than any other spirit in this world – and He enables me to live a victorious life.

The Holy Spirit helps me to understand God’s truth when I read the Bible.

I give thanks to God because He’s good and His love endures forever.

I don’t hide my light under a basket.

I let it shine for all to see, so everyone will praise my Father who is in Heaven.

God forgives my wrongdoings and He’s chosen to never remember my sins.

I’m a new person, complete in Christ.

When I fill my heart with God’s Word, I’m able to keep my way pure.

I run along the paths of God’s commands because He has set my heart free.

God is faithful. He’ll complete the good work that He has begun in me.

My competence comes from God.

I give my anxieties to God and I know that He’ll take them because He loves me, and this gives me peace.

The Lord stands at my side and He gives me the strength to share His Good News with others.

As I lose my life for the sake of Christ, I find true life in Him.

When I’m distressed, I cry to God for help and He hears my voice.

The name of Jesus gives me protection.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is proof that I’ve been set free from the power of sin.

Jesus Christ gives me victory over sin and death.

Because I follow Jesus, I know His voice and He personally directs my steps.

I do not fear death because it’s my doorway into heaven.

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