Positive Affirmations – Set #08


Jesus teaches me truth and empowers me to live a full and abundant life.

I love God’s Word and I meditate on it all day long.

I live by faith, and not by sight.

I follow Jesus, no matter where He leads me.

I worship the Lord my God and I live to serve Him.

I have great joy because I obey what God tells me to do and I remain in His love.

The “fullness of God” is available to me because I’m deeply rooted in the love of Jesus.

I don’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

The goal of my life is to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

The Lord is my good Shepherd and He provides for all of my needs.

I was made in the image of God.

God reveals his spiritual truths to me by the Holy Spirit.

In God I live – and I move – and I exist.

God doesn’t look at my outward appearance. He looks at my heart.

I lack no good thing because I seek the Lord with all of my heart.

When I humble myself before God in prayer, He hears me and I gain understanding.

I’m like a tree, planted by streams of water – my life bears fruit and prospers because I meditate on God’s Word.

More than anything else I try to guard my heart because it determines how I live life.

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