Positive Affirmations – Set #07


I feel alive, energized,
and motivated to take on any task in front of me.

My life is full of purpose and motivation.

Jesus shows himself to me because I love Him.

God knows my needs and He meets them
because I make His Kingdom my primary concern.

Because Jesus died for my sins,
I’m no longer separated from God,
and I live in close fellowship with Him.

The fruit that my life produces
brings joy to my Father, Who is in Heaven.

When I call out to God, He answers me
and He tells me things I wouldn’t otherwise know.

My strength is renewed
because I place my hope in the Lord.

As I follow Jesus and walk with him, I have peace.

I obey Jesus and I remain in His Love.

My God meets all of my needs.

God is my refuge and strength,
and He’s always ready to help me in times of trouble.

God gives me strength when I’m weary
and He increases my power when I’m weak.

I have peace because I’ve set my heart
and my mind on the things that are above,
and not on earthly things.

I guard my heart because
it determines the course of my life.

I trust in God at all times, because He’s my refuge.

God keeps me in perfect peace
because I trust in Him and I fix my thoughts on Him.

God’s able to do immeasurably
more in my life than I could ever imagine.

I experience true life when I deny myself;
turn from my selfish ways and follow Jesus.

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