Positive Affirmations – Set #05


I’m thankful for my good health.

I constantly think about the things which are good, and pure, and perfect, and lovely, and of good report.

I ask God for guidance and this is why I make right choices.

God causes all things to work together for my good because I love Him and I’m called by Him.

I take responsibility for my actions and my attitudes – and I never make excuses.

When I offend others, I’m quick to apologize, and I do my best to be at peace with all people.

I may not understand the good in every situation, but it’s there because God is in control and He causes all things to work for His Glory.

I’m quick to ask for help and advice because I’m teachable.

The Word of God fills my mind, and this helps me to make good decisions.

I love my family and I tell them – and I show them how much I love them.

The Holy Spirit fills my being, and I give Him permission to lead and guide me.

I surround myself with people who help me to grow in my relationship with God.

I don’t compare myself with others because I don’t know their whole story…

and besides, God says that it’s not wise to compare ourselves with others.

I inspire others to seek the abundant life that’s available through a loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude.

I’m energetic and I’m enthusiastic.

I’m a problem solver and I focus on finding solutions.

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