Positive Affirmations – Set #03


Every word that comes out of my mouth is fit to edify.

Each day, each minute, I exchange my life for something.

My life must count for eternity.

I’m well organized and I do what needs to be done before I do the fun things.

I’m refreshed because I rest before I get overly tired.

I believe the best about others, and I always seek their best interests.

I do the little things that make the difference between being superior and just being average.

It feels good to be out of debt, and I must remember to spend less than I earn.

I spend quality time (as well as quantity time), with my family.

I’m always kind and I never repay evil for evil to anybody.

I think before I speak, and then, I only say those things that are profitable for building up others.

I’m a person of integrity. You can count on what I say.

I ask a lot of questions because I have a genuine concern for others.

The Lord refines me because I’m valuable to Him.

I get adequate rest and this helps me to be a joy to be around.

I understand spiritual truths from the scriptures, because God is the One, Who gives me understanding.

I weigh what I should, because I enjoy exercising, eating salads, whole grains, and fruits.

I’m successful, because I think and then I act on the most important task at any given moment.

God is love, and God’s love is in me.

I let the peace of God rule in my heart.

It’s a great day to be alive.

I let other people know that I genuinely care for them by the way that I talk and act.

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