Positive Affirmations – Set #01


I am very disciplined.

I stick to my basic schedule, and I accomplish the right things at the right time.

I know my God, and in Him, I’m strong, and I do great things, in His name.

I work hard and I accomplish my short term goals before I play,

and this is why I don’t feel guilty during my recreation time.

I listen to what people say, and then, I listen to what they mean and how they feel.

Whenever I have a difficulty, the first thing that I do, is to give thanks.

Salads are one of my favorite foods.

I always use a “to do” list, and this helps me to stay organized, and accomplish as much as possible.

I eat the foods that are good for me; I especially enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

God has placed within me a pure heart, and my attitudes and motives are made acceptable in His sight, by God Himself.

God is my refuge. God is my strength. He’s my very present help in time of trouble.

I work hard – I love my job – I enjoy what I do.

I’m confident because I know that God is with me and I’m doing the things that please Him the most.

I have a daily quiet time, where I actually spend special time with God Himself.

I’m more concerned with 1,000 years from now than I’m with today, and this is because I have an eternal value system.

I think, and then, I act in order of importance.

My life is focused on knowing God and doing His will. I listen to others, and I learn new things.

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