Lets Talk About Success


To some degree, the level of success that you reach will be determined by your habits.

There are 2 kinds of habits.

There are “doing habits” and there are  not-doing habits”.

The things you “do” right now, you’re in the habit of “doing”.

The things you “don’t do” right now, you’re in the habit of “not doing”.

You’ve already developed a set of firmly entrenched habits that determine how well every area of your life works, from your job and your income to your health and your relationships. 

These habits free your mind and they allow you to function on automatic pilot.

For example, you’re able to plan your day while doing your morning routine because you don’t have to think about how to make the coffee or how to take a shower or how to tie your shoes.

In addition to “doing habits” and “not-doing habits”, there are also good habits and bad habits.

For example, each morning, some people make it a habit to walk on a treadmill while others make it a habit to eat a donut.

Since your habits are things that you do automatically, make sure to choose them wisely – because your habits truly do determine the level success that you experience in your life.

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