Having a Balanced Life – Golden Nugget #289

  For many years, when I thought of what it meant to live a balanced life, I thought in terms of body, soul and spirit. I recently read a sentence that said that Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and men, and as a result, when I think of living a balanced life, I now think in terms of mental, physical, spiritual and social. Ya see, living a balanced life is important to me and I find it very painful to hear about a college athlete who doesn’t apply him or herself to his or her education. It’s equally as sad see a college professor who’s socially inept… or a movie star who lacks any sense of decency or morality… or a pastor, or a minister or a priest who’s overweight and doesn’t take care of his or her body. Now I’m not going around judging these people, but I do notice ’em, and I use ’em as motivation. I watch what they do and how they interact with others and what they eat, and then, I try to do the opposite. And I think it’s OK to do this, because I also watch what successful people do and how they interact with others and I pay attention to what healthy people eat and I try to imitate ’em. I try to learn from everybody. I guess you could sorta say that I get inspired by good examples and I get motivated by bad examples. I think this might be part of what King Solomon meant when he said that wisdom shouts in the streets. I think that this might be part of what it means to be teachable. And I’m gonna guess that you also learn from others, because this is what winners do, and you are a winner!
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