Having a Balanced Life – Golden Nugget #238


Darren Hardy says that if you were to take a bite of a Big Mac and immediately fall to the ground clutching your chest from a heart attack, you might not go back for that second bite.

He also says that if your next puff of a cigarette instantly mutated your face into that of a weathered eighty-five-year old, you probably wouldn’t take another puff – unless of course, you already look like a weathered ninety-year-old.

And finally, he says that if eating a forkful of cake instantly caused you to gain fifty pounds, it would be a whole lot easier to say “no thank you” when you were offered dessert.

Here’s the problem – the instant gratification that we experience from bad habits usually seems more important to us than the long-term consequences.

But that doesn’t mean you haven’t activated the Compound Effect, and if you don’t know what I mean by the phrase compound effect, then you need to get a copy of the book and/or audio program that Darren Hardy’s put together entitled the compound effect.

You see, the slightest adjustments to your daily routine can drastically alter the outcomes when it comes to your life, and these small adjustments can either work for you – or they can work against you.

And the good news is – that you’re the one who gets to choose those daily routines.

But keep this in mind – once you choose the actions, the consequences for those actions – whether they’re good or bad – will surely come to pass because we truly do reap that which we sow.

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