Develop Good Roots – Golden Nugget #313

I came across a Bible verse in 2 Kings 19:30 that’s repeated in Isaiah 37:31, and these verses talk about taking root downward, and bearing fruit upward. As I was thinking about the fact that it takes strong roots to produce good fruit, I realized that this applies to people as well as to plants. When a crisis arises, your “roots” will determine your actions, and one of the best ways you can develop good “roots” is to take the time to reflect on and evaluate your life experiences. If you study the lives of the men and women who have influenced the world, you’ll find that in virtually every case, they spent quite a bit of time alone – contemplating, meditating, and thinking. They didn’t just go through life aimlessly, they took the time to learn from their losses as well as from their wins. After all, a loss doesn’t automatically turn into a lesson, but if you take the time to reflect and evaluate, then you can turn your losses into lessons. By the way, if you don’t learn from your losses, then the loss is multiplied – and I don’t think you want to multiply your losses. When you don’t evaluate your life experiences, it’s like stopping at third base to congratulate yourself for hitting the baseball. You might feel good, but stopping at third base doesn’t add any more to the score than striking out, so don’t waste your life experiences. Make sure that you take the time to contemplate, meditate, and think… because this is one of the ways you can develop good, strong “roots”.
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