All Men Created Equal

August 2, 2017
All men are created equal when it comes to their value as a person, but all men are not created equal when it comes to […]

Rich People and Spark Plugs

July 28, 2017
  Rich People choose to get paid based upon results, while poor people choose to get paid based upon the amount of time that they […]

Wealth and Finances

December 30, 2016
Wealth and Finances Rich people have 24 hours per day – but so do poor people – so in the United States, why are some […]

Setting Goals

December 26, 2016
  Let’s talk about Goals. I was playing Basketball with a guy who was really good at dribbling. Nobody could get the ball away from […]

Good Nutrition for a Better Life

December 23, 2016
           The topic for this Golden Nugget is Vitamins and Supplements… and I’m gonna start out by letting you know that I’m somewhat […]

Respond Don’t React

December 22, 2016
    Respond, Don’t React. Now if you happen to think that react and respond sound like the same thing, please allow me to share […]