The Power of Time – Part 3

April 13, 2016
  Time is an equal-opportunity employer. Everybody gets 24 hours a day, but not everybody gets the same return on their 24 hours. It’s like packing suitcases. Even […]

The Power of Time – Part 2

April 12, 2016
  Watch this Golden Nugget as I Challenge you to Think Intentionally, then Choose to spend your Time Wisely!   Full Transcript: Hi, this is Don Howe, and […]

The Power of Time – Part 1

April 11, 2016
  I’ve heard it said that “time is money”, but in my mind, that’s an insult to the power of time. Time is your most precious […]

Residual Income for Insurance Agents

April 8, 2016
  This Golden Nugget is sort of a follow-up of yesterday’s Golden Nugget on Mentoring – but today, I wanna talk about Residual Income… and what I mean […]