Good Nutrition for a Better Life

December 23, 2016
           The topic for this Golden Nugget is Vitamins and Supplements… and I’m gonna start out by letting you know that I’m somewhat […]

Choose Your Companions Wisely

December 21, 2016
When Goliath went out to fight David, he had a shield bearer. This was a guy whose job was to help Goliath carry his weapons, […]

Speech that is Gracious

December 19, 2016
Speech that is Gracious… When David arrived where the battle was supposed to be taking place, he was met by his older brother, Eliab. David […]

The Art of Delegation

December 13, 2016
You can delegate authority, but ultimately, you cannot delegate responsibility. This is probably one of the reasons why people are slow to delegate. Sometimes, it’s […]