Rich People and Spark Plugs

July 28, 2017
  Rich People choose to get paid based upon results, while poor people choose to get paid based upon the amount of time that they […]

Lets Talk About Success

December 28, 2016
  To some degree, the level of success that you reach will be determined by your habits. There are 2 kinds of habits. There are […]

Setting Goals

December 26, 2016
  Let’s talk about Goals. I was playing Basketball with a guy who was really good at dribbling. Nobody could get the ball away from […]


November 30, 2016
  Casey Stengel, an American Major League Baseball player and manager who was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame way back in 1966, once […]

Live the Second Time Now

October 27, 2016
  Live the Second Time Now I know that sounds pretty cryptic, and it is, so let me explain what I’m trying to communicate. Imagine […]

Success Principles from the Bible

October 17, 2016
The topic for this Golden Nugget is Success, and the many  of the concepts that I’ve gotten concerning Success come from the Bible. Now I realize […]