December 27, 2016
  Good Communication begins with Good Listening. Make sure to look people straight in the eyes when they’re talking and do your best to give […]

Speech that is Gracious

December 19, 2016
Speech that is Gracious… When David arrived where the battle was supposed to be taking place, he was met by his older brother, Eliab. David […]

3 Steps to a Better Negotiation

December 14, 2016
  When you’re attempting to buy something and the price isn’t fixed, here are three steps you can take that will generally result in a […]


November 30, 2016
  Casey Stengel, an American Major League Baseball player and manager who was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame way back in 1966, once […]

The Power of Words

November 28, 2016
In 1946, Solomon Asch performed a study in which he asked subjects to form an impression of a person that they did not know based […]

The Power of Words

October 7, 2016
  Once upon a time, there was a wise old man who lived up in the mountains. One day, as he was passing near a […]

The 4 Types of Leadership

October 6, 2016
  John Maxwell basically said American culture has witnessed four styles of leadership since 1950, with each style having different expectations concerning how followers should respond […]